ULT Freezer Racking

Example: UN192935

Upright with shallow trays for 2” cryoboxes 

Example: UN192352

Upright with shallow trays for 4” cryoboxes

Example: SASH4.5/2902H

Side access for cryoboxes

Example: UN192935/12.5

Rack with 12.5mm polypropylene dividers for cryotubes

Example: B700140

Bin, no lid, with drop down handles on each end

Example: 872141

Outer with 2 bins and drop down handles

Racking Accessories & Extras

Aviamax always manufacture with the end user in mind, which is why we offer a variety of optional extras, variables and accessories for our freezer racking. 


Drop Down Handles

Front Lip Pulls


Card Holder

Laser Etched Plate


Color Infill Tags

Upright with shallow trays for 2” and 3” cryoboxes 


Coloured Polypropylene Dividers

Aluminium Dividers