LN2 Storage Solutions

Racks for Boxes

  • Standard stainless steel and aluminium racks have part open sides and back, this facilitates a good flow of cold. The boxes can be easily pushed out from the back but cannot fall out of the back.

  • Front rod to keep the boxes in place.

  • Top handle with kink so that it sits slightly raised from the top of the racks. 
  • The higher the handle the easier it is to get hold of. We now have an 18mm high handle. Depending on the vessel height you may lose a shelf in the rack if you have the higher handle.

  • Note:
    Racks can have solid sides.

  • Depending on the size of the vessel, we recommend using a grid with rack.

Blood Bag Boxes

  • May be stainless steel or aluminium.

  • Typically 160 x 120mm or 140 x 140mm footprint.

  • Heights vary depending on which bag is being stored – we need to know the make and product code.

  • Standard boxes have a fixed straight bar handle across the top.

  • Typically hold 8-10 bags per box.

  • Use with grid [ with optional spine chiller ].

  • Boxes are stacked on top of each other, usually 2 or 3 high in each compartment in a grid.

    The size of the bag is not the same as the nominal fill volume.

Storage of Straws

We manufacture round aluminium canisters. The goblets are stacked inside the canister and there is a lifter to raise the goblets.

Dividers can hold the canisters in batches.

The downside to this method of storage is that the top goblets need to be taken out in order to access the bottom goblet.

Store straws in goblets and racks.

Racks have trays and each tray typically holds 4 goblets.

Racks can be either stainless steel or aluminium.