Aviamax has been acquired by index Enclosures Limited

Press Release: Aviamax Acquired by indEx Enclosures Limited

Robertsbridge, East Sussex, United Kingdom – 15 January 2024

indEx Enclosures Limited, a leading provider of specialized storage solutions, has announced the successful acquisition of the assets of Aviamax, a company specializing in laboratory storage systems. The strategic move expands Aviamax's capabilities and strengthens its position in the global market.

About Aviamax

Aviamax, a division of indEx Enclosures Limited, has been supplying laboratory storage solutions around the world for the past 30 years. The company is known for its high-quality stainless steel and aluminum storage systems used by laboratories, medical facilities, and universities worldwide. Their product range includes ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer racks suitable for both upright and chest freezers, as well as a comprehensive selection of cryogenic and LN2 storage equipment.

Benefits of the Acquisition

The acquisition of Aviamax brings several key advantages to Aviamax:

  1. Expanded Product Portfolio: With indEx's financial strength, Aviamax can now offer a wider range of products to its existing customer base.

  2. Market Reach: Aviamax will be able to tap into new markets and strengthen its foothold in the laboratory equipment industry.

  3. Synergy: The integration of Aviamax’s support functions with indEx’s will create synergies and enhance overall operational efficiency.


“We are excited to welcome Aviamax to the indEx family,” said Alex Pawle, CEO of indEx Enclosures Limited, a member of the KBI group. “Their reputation for quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence.”

The previous company, Aviamax Limited, has been liquidated; services to the Aviamax customers continue uninterrupted.

Contact Information

For further inquiries or interviews, please contact:

Media Relations Aviamax Phone: +44 01580 882222 Email: office@aviamax.co.uk

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