Aviamax Canister Clip-Racks for Cryovessels

Aviamax have been developing the Canister Clip-Racks for over 6 years. The design came about after customers expressed the problem of having to remove all goblets from a stack in their vessels to get to the goblet at the bottom. This would leave the other goblets exposed to the ambient temperature for longer than necessary. 

The Aviamax Canister Clip-Racks solve that problem by allowing the user to withdraw the rack from its sleeve quickly. The desired goblet can the be quickly retrieved and the rack replaced immediately back into the vessel thus minimising temperature change. 

Canister Clip-Rack Sleeves

Aluminium sleeves are recommended for use with Canister Clip-Racks in cryovessels to maximise the space available. The real estate costs of a cryovessel is substantial so the efficiency of the use of space is crucial.  We can work out exactly how many racks and sleeves will fit your particular vessel. Please contact us for a quote.

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